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If you already have or are planning on obtaining your concealed carry permit.... Congratulations!!!  You have taken the most important step to protect yourself - and more importantly, your family.

Please take a moment to consider protecting your assets and your freedom should you ever have to use your firearm in self defense.  In this lawsuit driven world, your assets could be at risk - even if you were 100% justified in your use of force!

Check out Self-Defense Shield.  The most affordable and complete concealed carry insurance you can carry:

If you are looking for concealed carry insurance AND have other insurance needs, let the 2nd Amendment loving people at Quote Guardian take care of you.  Just click the logo, choose homeowners or life insurance and submit the requested information.  Once contacted, explain your insurance needs... including the need for concealed carry insurance.  Quote Guardian WILL take care of you.

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Don't delay - you have too much at risk!!!

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